Practice Areas

Water and Environmental Law

Peltzer & Richardson, LC, has extensive experience in this highly specialized area of the law.

Public Water Agencies - Peltzer & Richardson, LC, represents nearly 20 public agencies and joint powers authorities as general counsel. In such capacity, we provide a broad range of advice on matters related to the Public Records Act, Brown Act, Fair Political Practices Act and employment law. We successfully negotiated new federal water contracts for several public agencies under the Central Valley Project Improvement Act.

Private Water Issues - Peltzer & Richardson, LC, has represented private individuals in the establishment of water rights and the organization of mutual water companies. In this capacity, Peltzer & Richardson has negotiated on behalf of clients, drafted agreements, and conducted litigation.

CEQA and Land Use Litigation - Peltzer & Richardson, LC, has extensive experience handling CEQA and land use litigation matters. We have represented the City of Visalia, City of Los Banos, County of Madera, numerous water and irrigation districts and many real parties in interest, such as developers. In nearly all cases, our clients were the prevailing parties.

NEPA, ESA, Federal Environmental Law, & Fish and Game
 - Peltzer & Richardson, LC, has had experience in matters involving the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA), Federal environmental law, and state Fish and Game statutes. We have served as lead counsel in several consultations with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service pursuant to provisions of the ESA, and have successfully defended Tulare County public agencies and water companies in civil and criminal actions initiated under state Fish and Game laws.